Full Meaning of PMS, DPK, AGO and LPFO

Full Meaning of PMS, DPK, AGO and LPFO

The full meaning of PMS is Premium Motor Spirit.

Premium Motor Spirit is often called Petro or Fuel, which is used in our Generators, Cars, and Bikes.

The Full meaning of DPK is Dual Purpose Kerosene.

Kerosene is used in our household, and the more refined version is used for Aviation.

The kerosine used in homes is Household Kerosene (HHK), while the one used as Jet A1 or Aviation Fuel is Turbine Kerosene (TTK)

The Full meaning of AGO is Automotive Gas Oil.

Automotive Gas Oil is commonly referred to as Diesel or Gas. They are used in Big Generators, Trucks, etc.

The full meaning of LPG is Liquified Petroleum.

This is a domestic and industrial source of energy supply. They are usually called Propane and Butane.

They are used in welding. Those welders that don’t use electricity use Propane and Butane Gas.

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