Summer Strike Season 1 Episode 1 – 12 (Complete) Korean Drama

Summer Strike Season 1

Burned out by life, a young woman declares herself on a life strike and goes to stay in the countryside to enjoy the ultimate luxury: time. There she befriends a young man who works at the local library who’s also going through a period of change in his life.

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Cast: Bang Jae-Min, Kim Joon, Kim Seol-hyun, Kwak Min-kyu, Park Ye-yeong, Shin Eun-Soo, Yim Si-wan

Video Information

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Filename: Summer.Strike.S01E01.x265.Esub.mkv
Filesize: 76.09 MB
Duration: 48 Mins
Imdb: –
Genre: Drama, Romance
Total Episodes: 12
Status: Ongoing
Subtitle: English

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