Falls of Rauros – Daggers in Floodlight | Lyrics

Falls of Rauros – Daggers in Floodlight Lyrics

Solicit no enigma
offer canon meretricious
a forked-tongue lexicon

Consternation yields profit untarnished
a populace clawing out the eyes of their sisters

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Sell pretext to the nation’s forgotten
unreluctant to veil daggers behind
relief, delusion of task
circumvention of imperative contract

Tragic are the injuries we withstand
heads down in anguish oppressive
may violent incitation appoint us
carry the torch, reclaim tomorrow

Blanket of ashes masks the sun
Every path eclipsed
every bolt locked
every advantage hanged
The reflection withheld

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the nostalgia we’re robbed of
the enduring walls of restraint have dissolved

may a desperate age grant us new life
Fan the embers
Feed the spirit
Exile every hope of success

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