Full Meaning AND Functions of NIPOST

Full meaning of NIPOST

You must have heard of NIPOST somewhere or you might have seen their van, offices, or even their bikes and van somewhere, that if you are residing in Nigeria.

Well, that means you are in the right place.

The Full Meaning of Nipost

The full meaning of NIPOST is Nigeria Postal Services. Nipost is owned and managed by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

They provide a postal service that is sending and receive mails. Some Nigerians are very familiar with the word Post Office. Well that is it. NIPOST is a post office.

Apart from Sending and Receiving mails, both locally and Internationally, The Nigerian Postal Service (Nipost) provide other services like EMS/PARCEL, e-Commerce & Logistics, Financial Services, Mails, Counter, Property, and Workshop. They also have a training school.

They have 955 postal offices and over 3000 postal agencies across the federation.


These are some of the functions of the Nigerian Postal Services in Nigeria.

  • Sending and Receiving of Mails,
  • E-Commerce and Logistics
  • Financial Services
  • Counters
  • Properties and Workshop

Sending and Receiving of Mails

This is one of the functions of the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST). They send and receive mails both locally and internationally.

E-Commerce and Logistics: This is the commercial business unit of the Nigerian postal service that is responsible for shipping products, client orders online. Like for example, if you place an order on an E-commerce store like Aliexpress, or Alibaba.

They will ship your goods out of the country the store is located in, to Nigeria. After the goods must have been cleared by custom, it will be sent to Nipost to be sent to you.


Another function of NIPOST is to deliver time-sensitive documents or merchandise to its destination both locally and internationally. EMS/PARCEL deliverance domestically takes at most 24 hours before the document is being delivered to its destination.

Financial Services

The function of NIPOST also include financial services that are sending money to beneficiaries nationwide. In real-time online. Also, you can send money internationally using NIPOST. It provides an avenue in which people send money to their loved ones back home.


Nigerian Postal Services provides a large number of counters in their office across the federation. You can do any transaction on the counters like the renewal of your private mail bag, renewal of Post-office Box, and many more.

Properties and Workshop

Another function of NIPOST that most people don’t know is that they provide real estate consultancy/facility management to the general public.

They also design and construct building projects and also the production of various wood and metal furniture and fittings. Which includes Wardrobes, Beddings, and Kitchen Cabinets, Dining Furniture, Office furniture, and Fittings.

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