List of Indigenous tribes in Africa

List of Indigenous tribes in Africa. Africa have a lot of Indigenous tribes. We will be looking at some of them in this Article.

But before we begin let’s look at some of the facts about Africa.


There are 54 countries upon this continent of Africa and over 1,3 billion and over 3,000 tribes.


One feature you’ll find is that in certain regions of the continent, tribal influences are a dominant power.


Given this, Here are some of the list of indigenous tribes in Africa


List of Indegenous Tribe in Africa

1. Kenya, Maasai


List of Indigenous tribes in Africa


The Maasai is one of the African tribes most internationally famous for living close to several of the most prominent national parks and reserves in the world.


The tribe is renowned mostly for its colorful outfits and customs. The Maasai people are one of the tourists’ most popular attractions in Kenya to observe and visit.

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2. Yoruba, Nigeria


On our list of indigenous tribes in Africa is Yoruba. Yoruba is undoubtedly Africa’s largest ethnic community with approximately 35 million members.


Members both occupy Nigeria’s southwest and Benin’s south, but most of them originate in Nigeria.


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They traced back to the ancient Oyo Empire with an extremely rich history and cultural heritage.


3. Hadza


Hadza Tribe



Along with the San (Bushmen), one of the oldest tribes in the world is assumed to be the Hadza tribe of Hadzabe.


The Hadza are still the last genuine hunter collectors and for more than 10,000 years their culture and practice have been the same. The tribe does not develop or hold animals and has no fixed shelters.

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The Hadza language speaks a click language which is not associated with any other kind of language on Earth.


In Tanzania, near an archaeological site, the Hadza still live in their ancient home, where the oldest fossil evidence from early humans is found.


4. PSan People


List of Indigenous tribes in Africa we have the PSan people. Members of this tribe include some Khoesān-speaking indigenous community of the first nations of South Africa, the hunter-gatherers.


Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, and South Africa are covered by their territory.


The San is South Africa’s oldest people, living there for at least 20,000 years.


5. Zulu South Africa.


List of Indigenous tribes in Africa



Zulu is one of Africa’s most powerful tribes. One reason the tribe is so well-known is because of Shakaland, the birthplace of the legendary leader Shaqa Zulu.

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Zulu is considered to be the largest ethnic group in South Africa, with an approximate population of 11 million people.


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6. Namibi, The Himba.


And last on our List of Indigenous tribes in Africa we have the Namibi people. The bright red color of their skin is the most distinctive feature of the Himba tribe. Their skin is rubbed with red ochre to achieve this look.


They are a semi-nomadic and pastoral clan known for raising livestock and cattle. It is estimated that the population is between 20,000 and 50,000.


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