Lost Promise Chinese Drama Eng Sub

Lost Promise Chinese Drama Eng Sub

Lost Promise Chinese Drama Eng Sub

Surprisingly, a Demon Lord who was rejected and jailed for thirty years became the woman in rouge. She falls in love with the new master of Wulin while trying to find the truth about a slaughter thirty years ago.

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In the field of martial arts, there have been two main advances. First, Jiang Qingliu, the Wulin Master, is assaulted, causing him to lose control and, as a result, his powers.

Second, Boye Jingxing, a Demon Lord who has been held captive by the Jiang Clan for thirty years, manages to free himself. Many days later, a lovely woman arrives in a box in front of Jiang Qingliu.

He realizes that she is none other than Boye Jingxing, and in order to keep her close, Jiang Qingliu pretends to be enamored with her in order to hide the truth that the Demon Lord is a woman.

Lost Promise Chinese Drama Eng Sub

Boye Jingxing is unexpectedly not who she appears to be, as she flips identities from goddess to mad woman – one is innocently dedicated to him, while the other has hidden reasons.

As the truth emerges, so does the killer for whom Boye Jingxing has been looking for so long.

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2021

Genre: Romance, Actionable, Historical, Martial Arts,

ENG SUB: Lost Promise Episode 1

ENG SUB: Lost Promise Episode 2

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