Pepsi have awarded Nengi with the sum of N250,000 and more.



Even after the conclusion of the reality show, Nengi is one of the people’s favourites and her friend with Laycon is growing bigger day in day out.

She’s doing quite well Ozo, too, and both sides have finally agreed and decided to let fate run its course towards them.

They have also been having one interview and another from the day the BBNAIJA show came to an end, while Nengi was just not left behind.

Only a few moments ago, Nengi went to her Instagram and Twitter page to share her royal ninja excitement with her new fans.

It’s so clear and conspicuous that today Nengi was so pleased that she had three good things that we’re one of the best things that would happen to her after she left the building.

She currently has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram.


Nengi hit 1.3 million followers on Instagram

She reached 1 million followers earlier this week, her followers on Instagram grew from nowhere to something, yet she’s moving gradually and progressively today.

Having attended yesterday Pepsi event created another surprise.

For an amazing performance while she was in BBNAIJA house, Pepsi awarded with a whopping amount of two hundred and fifty thousand naira. That is nice.


Pepsi awarded Nengi a trip to Dubia

And she also just have a trip to Dubai for a fun tour. It is just as amazing as she wasn’t able to believe anything she got today.


Pepsi awarded Nengi a trip to Dubia

For the amazing reward, she appreciated Pepsi and BBNaija and later devoted it to all her royal Ninjas.

Her supporters were so delighted with her, that some of them congratulate her.

Success is indeed in the blood of Nengi and we wish her many wins in the future.

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