Causes, Dangers, and Solution of Cultism

Causes, Dangers, and Solution of Cultism

We will be looking at the dangers of cultism, Causes of Cultism as well as the Solution of Cultism.

Cultism has become one of the biggest problems in society today. Many people especially young people join Cultism for different reasons.

There are many dangers or consequences of cultism around the world but before we go into that let’s look a little into the causes of cultism

Causes of Cultism

  • Financial Reasons
  • Peer Group Influence
  • Lack of Recreational Facilities.
  • Parental Background
  • Quesfor Power and Protection

Financial Reasons

Some people join or engage in cultists activities because they don’t have money, or there are lazy to work and earn money, some just want quick and easy money which is very dangerous.

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Some of the activities cultists engage in to make money are robbery, kidnapping, political violence, Assassinations, and other negative means of getting very dangerous money.

Peer Group Influence

Another cause of cultism in society today is peer Group Influence. Peer Group Influence can make one join or belong to a cult group.

Someone can easily be influenced by his friends to belong to a cult group.

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They will be promised that if they join, they can easily intimidate anybody in their neighborhood and they will be feared and respected.

They can easily approach and date any girl they like and the girl cannot refuse.

Lack of Recreational Facilities.

There is a popular saying that says “An Idle mind is a devil’s workshop”. This is true when there are no recreational facilities around there will be a lot of idle minds, which is not good for the neighborhood because this will give room for young people to engage in cult activities.

Parental Background

This is another cause of cultism in society. If a child has a very poor upbringing. He was not taught how to work, make money, and stay away from the negative vices of society.

Then he there is a high probability that the child ends up well in society. That person may join a cult group and end up in prison or even die.

Ques for Power and Protection.

Many people who join cults group want to be feared by others, be powerful, and also for protection.

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This is another major cause of cultism in society among young people. They want to feared and respected by their mate.

Many cult groups always promise protection and power to their members.

Dangers of Cultism

There are many dangers of cultism in society but we will be looking at a few.

  • Expulsion of Student involved in Cultism in Tertiary and Secondary Schools.
  • Untimely Death of Members
  • Rigging of Election by Cultists
  • Disappointment to Family and loved ones.
  • Drug Abuse

Expulsion of Student involved in Cultism in Tertiary and Secondary Schools.

This is one of the dangers of Cultism. When a Student is caught engaging in any cult activities in either tertiary/universities or secondary school will be expelled from that institution.

Tertiary Institutions don’t tolerate any kind of cult activities in their school. When any student who is caught involved in any cult activities within or outside the school will be expelled.

Untimely Death of Members

Another Dangers of cultism is the untimely death of members. Cults groups engage in a lot of negative social activities like robbery, kidnapping, rituals, raping, etc.

Also, the rivalry between cult groups can lead to the death of its members.

Rigging of Election by Cultists

Rigging of Election is another danger of cultism. Politicians use cultists to rig election results by snatching ballot boxes, disrupting the election.

Politicians also use cultists to attack, kidnap and kill their political opponents. This can affect the nation’s democracy negatively.

Disappointment to Family and loved ones.

This is another dangers of cultism. When you are involved in cultist’s activities you can only bring shame and be a disappointment to family members and loved ones.

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When caught, they give bad names to their family.

Drug Abuse

Cult members are known for smoking marijuana, taking hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, etc.  And abusing drugs.

This can be very dangerous to one’s health. Abusing drugs can lead to liver infection, kidney damage, heart failure, and even death.

Solutions to Cultism

  • Government should work to increase the Standard of living
  • The dangers Cultism should be taught in Secondary and Primary Schools
  • The legislature should set strict laws against cultism
  • Rehabilitation for Ex-cult members
  • Establishment of Recreational facilities.

Government should work to increase the Standard of living.

One of the solutions of Cultism is to cultism, is for government to increase the standard of living of its people.

Poverty tends to make people do all sought of things including joining cults groups which are bad for society.

The dangers Cultism should be taught in Secondary and Primary Schools

When the young ones know what cultism is and the dangers of cultism then it will go a long way in reducing cultism in society.

The legislature should set strict laws against cultism

One of the solutions of Cultism is When there are laws put in place against cultism then people will discourage people from joining cult groups or taking part in any cult activities. 

Rehabilitation for Ex-cult members

Rehabilitation centers should be established for former cult members so that they don’t relapse and join or engage in any cult activities.

Establishment of Recreational facilities.

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Recreational facilities should be established by government and community leaders to keep the young ones busy and this helps to reduce the rate of cultism in society.

That will be all on the causes, danger, and solutions to cultism in society. Feel free to comment below about this topic through the comment section of this blog.

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