How to Retrieve Lost Remita (RRR) Number and Receipt If Forgotten or Lost

How to retrieve your remita Number

There was a time I paid my school fees and I lost my RRR number and Receipt, this was a disaster for me because how will get more money to pay for my school fees if I can’t retrieve the one I lost.

Well if you are reading this article then you are in the right place because I will be showing you how to retrieve a lost RRR Number and Receipt.

But first, let’s look at the RRR Receipt.

How to Retrieve a Lost Remita RRR Receipt.

Well, there are three ways to retrieve your Remita RRR receipt.

1. You can check your email. 

Remita will send a copy of the receipt to your email. But if you don’t have access to the email you provided during the payment then you can follow the other procedures to get it.

Also, you can go to their website at

Click on Resend receipt or invoice

Put in the RRR Number and click Resend to email that’s the email that was provided during registration or Resend to Alternate Email that’s to another email.

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If you click resend to email you will get this response “Your Receipt has been forwarded to your registered email.

But if you click on resend to alternate email, you will put in your phone number and email you want the receipt to be sent to. Then you click on next and put in the exact amount paid.

Then you click on next then send receipt and the receipt will be sent to you.

Click on Send

2. to retrieve a lost RRR Receipt, you call their customer care line and speak to a customer care representative.

When you call them, you tell them that your Remita receipt is missing and you want them to send the softcopy of that receipt to your email. They may ask you a couple of questions then ask you to provide the RRR Number and email in which they will send it to you.

They will send the RRR Receipt to your Email in which you can go and print.

3. You can email them at [email protected]

Well if you can’t get the receipt through their website and can’t reach them on phone then, you can send a mail to them.

The subject of the mail should be “RRR Receipt Request”
The mail can be in this format “Hi, After making payment I lost my RRR receipt and I will like you to send it to me, please.

RRR Number: (the RRR Number)

Payers Name: (The name you used in making the payment)

You can contact me if you still can get your RRR Receipt through my email at [email protected] or through WhatsApp at +2348162513936 to help you out.

How to retrieve a lost RRR Number.

Losing your RRR number can be the worst frustrating and this is common among people who use their cards to pay online.

But there is always a way out in this kind of scenario.

Below I will show you how to retrieve a lost RRR Number.

If you are pay through Bank Deposit then you can check your teller to get your RRR Number.

If you are paying online with a debit card then you can check the SMS Alert send to your phone or the transaction alert sent to your email, you will see the RRR Number in the Transaction description.

But sometimes your bank might not send you an SMS Alert to your phone or a transaction alert to your email or the SMS alert transaction alert may not contain the RRR Number.

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In this case, you send them an email.

You will be sending an email to [email protected] with the following details.

Name of Payee: This is the name of the payer as inputted during the payment processing.

Amount Paid: If you don’t remember the exact amount that’s fine check your SMS Alert sent to your phone or transaction alert sent to your email that’s if you paid using your card or teller if you paid through bank deposit.

Name of Biller or institution paid to: This is the name of the school or institution you paid to. Like for example if you paid school fees or acceptance fees to the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi then the name of Biller of the institution will be the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi.

Payment Date: This will be the date you made the payment.
Email Address and Phone Number Supplied during payment: This is the email address that you used and the phone number you used in making the transaction.

Payment Channel: This is how you made the payment. Is it through Bank Deposit, Card Payment, or Internet Banking.

Card Number: You are not sending them the complete card number, what you are sending is just the first six and the last three and then there will be an asterisk in the middle for example. 437357xxxxxx960.

Well I think if you read this article then you should be able to retrieve your lost RRR Number/Receipt.

If you have any questions or contribution please drop your comment. I promise to reply as soon as possible.

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