Full Meaning of J and P Fuse

Full Meaning of J and P Fuse

Sometimes, you might be wondering what is the full meaning of J and P Fuse?

We all know the fuse itself is a mechanical device used to protect a circuit from too much current. They are found in electronics and many electrical appliances.

Well, due to some of the requests I got from my readers, I decided to talk about the J and P Fuse type.

Full Meaning of J and P Fuse

The full meaning of J and P fuse is Johnson and Philips. They were named after the founders of the company that first manufactured them.

When there is a fault, the J & P fuse cuts or drops. This is to protect the transformer and other equipment from any permanent damage and also prevent any kind of hazard from occurring.

A Class J fuse is a 600 volt AC current limiting, fuse that is rated to interrupt a minimum of 200,000 amps. and it is used to branch circuits, motor circuits, mains, transformers.

A P-type fuse is used for non-motor load and it has a low melting temperature.

Now you know the full meaning of the J and P-type of transformer.

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