Is Easemoni legit or a Scam

Is Easemoni legit or a Scam

Easemoni is a loan app that grants loans to Nigeria. The app is easy to use and very easy to sign up for and assess the loan. You can assess the loan without any form of collateral. The article is a review on Easemoni whether the app is legit (Legitimate) or just a Scam.

Is Easemoni Legit or Scam

Easemoni is a legitimate app that gives out loans to Nigeria without any form of collateral. They can give you a loan of up to one million Naira. Any time you assess the loan, you will have to pay it back before the due date to increase your credit score.

When you increase your credit score, the amount you can borrow will be increased also. You can borrow up to one million Naira (1,000,000). Just borrow and repay on time to increase your credit score.

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What is the interest rate? 

Easemoni has an interest rate of about 5% to 10% monthly depending on your credit evaluation and 60% to 120% Annually depending on your credit evaluation also.

For example, if you collected a loan of about twenty-five thousand naira (25,000), you will pay an interest of 5% which is about 1250.

Is Easimoni Approved by CBN

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), does not normally approve a loan application. They prefer Nigerians to borrow from commercial banks.

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Nevertheless, that does not affect easimoni in any way because they are tested and trusted.

Easemoni Customer Care Number and Email Address

You can contact Easemoni by calling (+234) 9087614150. or through email at info@[email protected]


Easimoni is available at both apple and googles play stores. You can install the app from there and sign up. Easimoni is Legit and not just a scam. Please drop your comment below.


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