Industrial Chemistry Salary and Job Opportunities in Nigeria

Industrial Chemistry Salary in Nigeria

Industrial Chemistry is all about transforming chemical and raw materials into finished products for the benefit of humanity.

Let’s look at Industrial Chemistry Salary and the Job opportunities you have if you are a graduate of Industrial Chemistry.

Industrial Chemistry Salary

Industrial Chemistry Salary in Nigeria usually differs depending on some factors. Oil and Gas Companies generally pay the highest, while government companies pay traditionally lower than Private Companies, but this depends on the private company you are working for.

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The Salary Range for Industrial Chemistry graduates in Nigeria is between one hundred thousand Naira (100,000) to Five Hundred thousand Naira (500,000).

Oil and Gas companies usually pay as high as four hundred thousand (400,000) to Five Hundred Thousand (500,00) Naira. Apart from the salary, an official car and house are given to you when you are employed in the company.

Manufacturing Companies usually pay between one hundred thousand to three hundred thousand Naira. While chemical companies pay between one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand.

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Companies That Employ Industrial Chemistry Graduates in Nigeria

There are different kinds of companies that employ Industrial Chemistry graduates in Nigeria. These companies include Oil and Gas Companies, Research institutes/Laboratories, Chemical Companies, etc.

What Job Will I Do If I Study Industrial Chemistry?

  • Scientific Illustration
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Administration/Management
  • Scientific/Technical Recruiting
  • Intellectual Property/Patent Law
  • Bioinformatics
  • Factory chemical mixer
  • Industrial chemist
  • Chemical analyst
  • Chemist
  • Chemical engineer
  • Chemistry teacher
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Technical Writing
  • Scientific Journalism

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