Full Meaning and Function of NTA

Full Meaning and Function of NTA

The full meaning of NTA is the Nigeria Television Authority, a television network owned and managed by the Federal Government of Nigeria. It was established in 1971 during the administration of General Yakubu Gowon, the head of state at that time.

NTA has a broad reach in Nigeria, almost every state in Nigeria has a branch of NTA, and the network headquarters is located in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. They provide news, educational content, and cultural and entertaining programs to those residing in Nigeria.

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The Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), a government-owned media house, performs some of the following functions below.

  1. News Coverage
  2. Educational Programs
  3. Cultural Development
  4. Entertainment
  5. Advertisement
  6. Public service announcements
  7. Career Development
  8. Facilitating Public Discourse

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News Coverage

The primary function of NTA is to provide new coverage on various topics ranging from politics, entertainment, sport, and more to its viewers. Their journalist covers news from local, national, and international news.

Educational Programs

They provide educational content to their viewers ranging from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), history, geography, and more. This help develops learning and research among the young viewers who watch this on their station.

Cultural Development

They show programs that promote cultural development. Nigeria is a country that has various ethnic groups. They develop Nigeria’s culture through music, cultural dance, drama, native foods, stories, etc. There was a time when the cultural dance competition was sponsored and hosted by NTA.

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This is done by providing entertainment stuff like music, music videos, movies and dramas, comedy, and other forms of entertainment. This program offers relaxation and enjoyment to its viewers.


NTA provides a platform for business to promote their business to their large audience. Since NTA is a government-owned media house, they run political ads for the government in power. They don’t usually run opposition ad campaigns.

Public service announcements

NTA provides public service announcements to its viewers. This announcement covers various topics like health, safety, security, and civic responsibilities. They help in promoting public awareness and civic responsibilities.

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Career Development

NTA provides their viewer’s information such as Job vacancies, scholarship details, and other career development announcements.

Facilitating Public Discourse

They provide a platform for public discourse through debates and talk shows on matters that affect the Nation.

Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) plays a vital role in Nigeria. But since it’s a government-owned media, the content is always biased. They only broadcast content in favor of the Nigerian government and broadcast little or nothing critical of the Nigerian government. This was seen during the ENDSARS protest and other national protests in Nigeria.

Since the Federal Government finances them, publishing anything critical of the government might lead to losing their appointment. NTA has the worst graphic. The graphic is terrible, mainly when they are covering live events.


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