Importance of tourism in Nigeria

Importance of tourism in Nigeria

There are several importance of tourism in Nigeria as a Nation and also to the people of the country. But before we go into that, we should look at what tourism is?

What is tourism?

Tourism means when someone travels for pleasure and money. Many countries around the world develop their environment so that they can earn revenue from tourism activities in the country.

In the United Arab Emirates, people travel to Dubai for tourism. The country is generating a lot of money from tourism activities there.

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Nigeria as a country has not focused on the tourism sector. This is the reason why many Nigerians travel outside the country for tourism activities. We will be discussing the importance of tourism in Nigeria’s Economy.

Importance of Tourism in Nigeria

  • Tourism can serve as a means of diversifying the economy
  • Tourism helps in the development of infrastructure
  • Tourism Create Employment Opportunities
  • Ecological Advantages
  • Financial Returns and Proceeds to the Government

Tourism can serve as a means of diversifying the economy

Nigeria for several years has relied on crude oil as the means of generating revenue for the economy. There have been steps made to diversify the economy but tourism is not given the attention it deserves.

Tourism helps in the diversification of the economy of the country. It helps the communities around there benefit from tourist activities around there.

Tourism helps in the development of infrastructure

This is another Importance of tourism in Nigeria.

Communities around a tourist center or attraction get better roads, parks, social amenities, and more.

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Some of the money gotten from tourist activities around that area will be used to develop the infrastructure of that area or communities like the building of schools and better hospitals in the communities.

Tourism Create Employment Opportunities

Tourism creates employment opportunities, for example, five-star hotels will be built to accommodate tourists which will create more employment.

Flight and international agencies will be patronized, there will be more transport agencies that can carry tourists around that area which will lead to an increase in Jobs available around that area and decrease unemployment.

Ecological Advantages

Ecological Advantage is another importance of tourism in Nigeria.

If a community that has a tourist attraction is dirty, people will not like to visit that place. No one loves to visit a dirty community.

Money is spent on making sure that the communities are clean and free from any kind of environmental pollution.

The community benefits from that because germs and diseases don’t move freely in a clean environment.

Financial Returns and Proceeds to the Government

Money realized can go a long way in reducing the number of poor people living in the community and also improving the standard of living in that community.


Tourism is another way in which the government can generate tremendous revenue.

That’s all on the importance of tourism in Nigeria. Drop your comment below, we will love to hear from you.

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