What to Consider When Getting a New Smartphone? This is a question people tend to ask their self when they want to get a new smartphone.

A smartphone is an essential part of our everyday lives from the alarm that gets us up to the calls we make and even the social media posts we make daily.

Throughout its existence from the cellphone to this point where our smartphones are mini machines, with each new generation smartphones have proved to be more necessary and useful to us.

When picking a smartphone, here are some tips to help you get the best for your money.

What To Consider When Getting a New Smartphone

The smartphone you should get should depend on what you want to use it for and your budget, but here are some things to consider for a long-lasting phone irrespective of how intensive your phone usage is:


Another thing to consider when getting a smartphone is the Processor of the Phone.

This factor is usually negated by most smartphone OEMs that produce phones in the budget region but the quality/power of your processor directly influences how long your smartphone would last.

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If you notice you can buy a smartphone and enjoy it for the first few months but after that, it would feel like your phone’s out of juice.

This is probably due to the weak processor (a 6 to 7 generation old processor most times) and the processor won’t be able to handle modern tasks with efficiency for too long.

Also, a more efficient processor would use less power, that’s why we can see an iPhone of lesser battery size compete with smartphones that have larger batteries.

Try to know more about the processor of your phone before you purchase it.


Most people focus on this already but mostly on the size and not the quality. With the ROM in budget smartphones, most come with emmc 5.1 which is relatively slower than any generation of the UFS storage type.

Data transfer speed is important in the RAM and ROM because the faster the processor can access the stored data the faster it can process and produce output.

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That’s why if you upgrade to a premium phone you may notice simple things from your images in the gallery loading faster to your games loading faster and your phone overall feeling lighter and smother.


The two basic screen types are the LCD and the OLED (OLED, AMOLED, other variants). Generally, the OLED screens are better with higher color accuracy and they are better on the eye.

Irrespective of this the LCD screens are not bad and most may not notice the difference between the two.

The screen quality (i.e 1080p, 1440p, 720p) also matters as a 1080p LCD screen would look better than a 720p OLED screen due to the presence of more pixels on the LCD screen leading to a smoother, cleaner display.

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These are a few of the things you should watch out for when picking a phone, others are the Battery (size and charging speed), UI/UX (User interface/Experience) e.t.c. which would help you get the best phone for YOU


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