Languages in Taraba State And Tribes

Languages in Taraba State And Tribes

How many languages are in Taraba State as of now? Well, there are many tribes in Taraba State. The state was formerly called Gongola State that is the combination of Taraba State and Adamawa State.

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Taraba Consist of sixteen (16) Local Government and all the tribes are scattered around these 14 Local Government area and you know that each tribe speak a different language

How many languages are in Taraba State?

Well there all there more than eighty tribes who speak different languages. Each tribe speaks a different language and uses it to communicate and interact with one another.

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Apart from the English Language which is a general language in Taraba as a state and Nigeria as a country. Taraba indigenous use speaks Hausa as their second general language. You hardly find someone who grows up in a major town in Taraba State and can’t speak or understand Hausa.

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So these answer the question of how many Language are in Taraba State.

List of Languages in Taraba State.

Jukun Wapan, Etkywan, Etulo, Kpan, Kpati, Kulung, Tarok, Tiv, Kuteb, Chamba, Fulfulde, Kona, Mumuye, Dza, Loo, Yandang, Laka, Fam, Gbaya, Jibu, Jukun Takum, Kam Ndoola, Samba Daka, Samba Leko, Waja, Yamba, Duguri, Jeno, Jiba, Jiru, Kodel.

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List of Tribes in Taraba State by Local Government Area.

Well, here we will be discussing some of the lists of Major Tribes according to their local government area in Taraba State.

Well in Wukari Local Government Area of Taraba State. The Jukun Wapan people are the major tribe in the local government although there are other languages like Kpati, Kulung, Etulo, and some Tiv people live here.

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In Takun Local Government Area of Taraba State. The Kuteb are the majority there, although there are some Tiv also and the Samba Leko, Yukuben.

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In Ardokola Local Government Area of Taraba State. We have the Fulfulde, the Kona although they are also found in the State Capital (Jalingo) and the Mumuye.

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